Thursday, September 14, 2006

I retreat

From you,
From life,
From myself.

I want to change direction.
I want back in.
But I want to glide,
Rather than fight,
or stumble,
or fall.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I want to say
What you need to hear.

But if so,
I need to be
Who I need to be.

Monday, July 24, 2006

crouches in my doorway
while life
slips beneath the crack
blowing my inspiration away
in wisps
of unbreathed air.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My New Blog - Why this Title?

This is the Wikipedia definition of "poiesis":

"Poïesis means "to make" in ancient Greek. (creation, from poiein, to make) This word, the root of our modern "poetry", was first a verb, an action that transforms and continues the world. Neither technical production nor creation in the romantic sense, poïetic work reconciles thought with matter and time, and man with the world.

"In Symposium -- a Socratic dialogue transcribed by Plato -- Diotima describes how mortals strive for immortality in relation to poieses. In all begetting and bringing forth upon the beautiful there is a kind of making/creating or poiesis. In this genesis there is a movement beyond the temporal cycle of birth and decay. "Such a movement can occur in three kinds of poiesis: (1) Natural poiesis through sexual procreation, (2) poiesis in the city through the attainment of heroic fame and finally, and (3) poiesis in the soul through the cultivation of virtue and knowledge."

"Martin Heidegger refers to it as a 'bringing-forth', using this term in its widest sense. He explained poiesis as the blooming of the blossom, the coming-out of a butterfly from a cocoon, the plummeting of a waterfall when the snow begins to melt. The last two analogies underline Heidegger's example of a threshold occasion: a moment of ecstasis when something moves away from its standing as one thing to become another."

That's what I'm aiming for here - a becoming. I'm going to use this blog for writing - I mean creative writing, such as short stories and poetry. It's what I used to do, and well, why not go back to the beginning, if that's what used to work? So stay tuned for some creative energy to start flowing through this space.